The new day

Back into training regularly. Nothing scheduled as of yet, except for 2 mud runs, the first this weekend, but I do have a rough plan in mind. Unfortunately, not enough XTERRA. =-(

In any event, I’ve joined the Ventura County Masters swim group, the Rincon Tri Club and the Inside Track Running club, which is the least active and worthless of the bunch. I feel like I have almost completely restarted training from zero, but things are coming along.

The days are new…nothing at all like before. Rise and shine @5am. In the pool @5:30. Out @7. Quick shower, dress and drive to work. Arrive ~8-8:20am. Breakfast. Work. Run at lunch. Work. Drive straight to the gym. Lift for an hour. Home by 7:15pm. On the bike around 7:30-8pm. Ride for 2hrs. Move the trainer and bike back inside. Eggs and potatoes have been a very FREQUENT menu item. Hopefully in bed before 11:30. Rinse and repeat Mon-Fri.

Saturday is ~6:30am wake up. In the pool from 7-9. Breakfast. Nap. Long ride = 5hrs. Nap. Gym. Home. Relax. Run. Dinner.

Sunday is random wakeup. Gym in the morning. Run on the treadmill usually. Start another long ride in the early afternoon or late morning hopefully. Run in the evening or afternoon. Cook a proper meal.

Been doing relatively okay with that so far. Now, it’s time for bed.

~ by jerseyquaker on April 21, 2010.

One Response to “The new day”

  1. dude, wtf? where is the fun. that sounds like boot camp, or concentration camp. i don’t think i’d ever voluntarily do anything like that. that’s possibly why i’ll die far younger, but DAMN!

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