Minor battles…

…being won, but not large enough and quick enough.  I was able to jog down the hill to the road, and then continued to jog down to my turnaround.  ~4mi — I think.  That’s an improvement within the past week.  Yet, I can’t continue much farther beyond that, and I have to stop several times as I continue back.

This fucking sucks.

It seems the pain is shifting from day to day.  Today, it was straight across the bottom of my sternum on both sides of my rib cage.  Deep breaths are very painful still.  The first mile starting out was intense, but I was able to find a small spot of comfort and rhythm.  By the time I got back to the house, the pain was 10x.  It gets worse with duration and exertion.  It’s as if my ribs become irritated or enflamed, and my ability to breathe decreases.

I. am. a. farking. retard.

Now, I am 800mg deep on Advil, and am hoping that the pain will subside some.  I feel like I have an anvil sitting on my chest.

~ by jerseyquaker on August 16, 2009.

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