Twitter and Dan Osman

“Why do you Twitter?”

I think it’s a question that a lot of people are asking these days as — I believe — Twitter becomes more and more prevalent.  I tweet just for the hell of it really.  I don’t expect that anyone is really paying attention.  However, I am  more interested in being a part of and watching intimately how a new social media and way of communicating develops.  It’s actually pretty fascinating.  Like I said, I tweet just for the hell of it, but I joined Twitter mainly to watch it develop and to also see what others are doing. I follow a lot of professional triathletes, outdoor companies, friends/peers and other sports teams and stars, and it’s cool to get first hand communication.

Think of it this way; you may follow someone’s blog, but how often do they update it?  And, when you finish reading, how much of it really seems like a stream of consciousness and not a modified, edited and 3rd party edited piece?  (I mean, I’m editing this as I go along!)

Yet, tweets are straight from the horse’s mouth.  I mean, @THE_REAL_SHAQ is the real deal Shaquille O’Neal, the guy recently traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Lance Armstrong?  A tweetin’ whore!!!  Seriously.  Tony Hawk?  He’s giving away gifts like a mad man through Twitter and questions he throws out there.

I have never had a celebrity run-in before.  There are very few “stars” who I would get excited about seeing and perhaps ask for an autograph.  Those would probably be some Formula 1 drivers, just about anyone from MUFC, and probably Valentino Rossi.  Chase Utley?  Ryan Howard?  D. McNabb?  I might bust out the phone to take a discreet pic, and I might give them a nod if they hadn’t been spotted by the masses but I somehow caught their glance.

So, it’s not the celebrity factor and wanting to say, “Hey! Guess what?!?!  I got Sidney Crosby’s autograph!!!”  Nothing like that.  It’s the opposite.  I want to know that these people are real.  That they’re down to earth.  It’s interesting to know that they are continuously bombarded by the media and falsehoods, but at the end of the day, they put one pant leg on at a time just like everyone else.

Now, in addition to that, what I have been finding is that I cover a lot more of the internet in a way that I never did before.  Yes, ok, there are quite a few tweets — like mine — that aren’t info sharing and are merely point-in-time updates.  Still, today I learned that Google is going to create its own operating software.  How ridiculous is that?!  Twitter is how I learned that Michael Jackson died and that there was a revolution erupting in Iran.  (I abhor mainstream media, and I can’t stand to be continually dumbed-down.  I don’t own a TV.)

Tonight I learned that a legendary free soloist, John Bachar, died while climbing.  Seeing as how I have genuinely taken to rock climbing within the past year, it was an intriguing piece.   The guy was nuts.  I mean, absolutely  H U G E  fucking stones.  Christ, I get 75′ up indoors and I’m looking at the rope through the carabiner, and I’m thinking, “Shit.  That’s my life right there.”  This guy basically said, “fuck that.”

Now, I just learned about this guy, but I knew of another free soloist, who I think is even more extreme.  Dan Osman.  The guy was there next to Christ  literally handing out the gift of cojones to everyone who was in that line.

Dan died while doing a repeat of his record setting slack line jump.  No.  Not a bungee jump.  Not a BASE jump.  He setup a series of pulleys, anchors and static rope lines and jumped.  Before he got into rope jumps, he was well known for his free solos.

Points in the video to key on … 2:03, 2:23, 4:19, & 6:31

Both of these dudes were hard core to the bone and the bitter end.  RIP gentlemen.

~ by jerseyquaker on July 9, 2009.

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  1. that truly is a sign of mental illness. NUTS!!!

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