The San Franciscan Treat!!!

Remember the Rice a Roni commercial?

What the hell was the connection between rice and San Francisco?  Such a weird marketing plan.  I mean, rice … I think of asia … roni??? … uhhh, well, San Francisco doesn’t really come to mind, for sure.  And, it’s not like it’s on billboards around here.  Ask a local, “What is San Francisco known for, or what was it previously marketed for?” and I doubt you’d get a 1 out of 20 response of someone saying Rice a Roni.  And, no, I didn’t have any since being here.

So, yesterday was a long day to get here.  The alarm went off at 3:50am.  That gave me about 2hrs of sleep, because despite having packed mostly during the day previously, there were still details to get together, shave my head and then shower.  I was worried when I woke up, because it was pouring rain outside.  Philadelphia International is NOTORIOUS for delays, but by the time we were heading over the Walt Whitty Bridge, it had stopped raining.  Flight was on time and departed on time.

Stopped over in Minneapolis.  Wow.  Seriously, what a nice airport.  Philadelphia has one of the worst airports in the states.  It really needs to be obliterated and rebuilt from scratch.  Unfortunately, that’s not even a consideration (not that it would be anywhere!), but renovation isn’t even a hope.  They renovated the int’l and A terminals a couple years ago, but it is still woeful, especially when compared to a place like Minneapolis.  And, it’s a shame, because Minneapolis ranks lower compared to Philly in terms of population and business…at least in my mind and without looking it up.  You would think that the 5th/6th largest city in America would have a decent airport.  Alas no.

I did well to avoid the food temptations while breezing through Minneapolis.  Got to my gate and boarded for my next 3hr 40min flight to San Jose, CA.  Again with a middle seat.  Wasn’t able to change my seat.  The flight out of Philly was worse since I was in the very last row of the plane and there was no tilt to the seat back at all.  To San Jose, there was at least some tilt — I never lay my seat back unless there’s no one behind me.  Tried to sleep during both flights.  Got some light shuteye.

Now, another case in point of how an airport is better than Philadelphia’s…San Jose.  Actually, Terminal C, the one I arrived into, was crap, but they’re well underway for some MAJOR renovation and upgrade to the other terminals.  From the posters they had up, it’s going to be a balls-out airport.

Luggage took a while to come out.  I was getting nervous, as my bag was one of the last to get regurgitated from the “system.”  Then the free bus to take me to the train station was ~12min wait.  The combined waits after arriving were enough to result in missing the 11:45 Caltrain going north.  Half an hour later and I’m on riding north.  My twitpics from yesterday show my progress.  Off at Millbrae, BART transfer, 16th & Mission, up to the ground level, and the sweet smell of homeless people, marijuana and mexican food.  It’s great to be in Cali!  Were some real characters hanging out at 16th & Mission.  Got myself a quick Guatamalteco — whatever that was — from the Guatemalan food cart, because by that point, it was ~5pm EST.  I was starving, and normally, I’d have had more eat than what I just had in the car ride to the airport.

Mike picked me up, and it was beautiful weather.  Life was good.  Felt good to be on the West Coast.  San Fran is an awesome place.  The first thing you notice is the people.  The crowd is so different from what you’d see walking down Walnut or Sansom Sts. back east.  Everyone is like, you know, uh, like, so Ch-AY guh-VAR-uh, like duh!  Ha!  It’s just different here.  I like it a lot.  The city is great.  A LOT of great eateries and places to imbibe, and perhaps the best thing…fuckin’ bad ass mexican taquerias.  More on that later.

Shot the shit with Mike for a while.  Their new-to-me apartment is kicking —   small, but large enough for the two of them.  I woofed down a cheese danish and some muffins that Alanna apparently always brings home from work while Mike buzzed off to a work meeting.  They weren’t the best from a nutrition perspective but some very tasty and much needed calories back into the system.

Went for a run through Golden Gate Park.  What a beautiful run.  Great park.  Saw a lot of good-looking females.  Saw so many loser triathletes too.  What tools.  Seriously, I will have to devote a post to the asininity (word?) of a lot of triathletes.  I mean, seriously, come on … do you REALLY need to wear your aero helmet and shoe covers while riding through the park?  What TOOLS!!!

I headed down the panhandle to the park, then down JFK to MLK and back.

It was a good run considering that I was dehydrated from travelling, tired, low on energy and sore from my Q1 session yesterday.  A bit of pain on the outside-rear of my left knee area that I’m not pleased about…maybe a little ITBS.  Need to stretch that out.  I tend to get some discomfort in that area sporadically, but it usually goes away.  Will see how it goes.

Showered and off to The Little Chihuahua, because it was time for “TAAAACCCOOOOOSSSSS!!!!” and “BUUUURRRRRRRRITTTTOOOOOSSSSSS!!!”  Just like just about EVERY place in San Fran, they’re all about sustainability and using hormone free and local and organic and everything else that comes with an educated, liberal and sometimes too leftist population.  I didn’t notice any Mexicans, but the food was DE-LISH!  Just an example of the kind of option that I don’t have back home.  I mean, it was less than 5 minutes away.  BALLS!!!  I can’t wait to get some Poncho Villa and the super burrito.  The quality of the ingredients may not be 100% organic or whatever, but it’ll be done their way, which is fantastic.  I. Can’t. Wait.

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