Like a sine wave…

That’s how I feel about my training right now.  Good one day.  Bad the next.  Really great the day after that, and then a paltry day.

Today is worrisome.  In the past day or so, I have been waking up with a tight throat and congestion.  I thought it might be a slight allergy…you know, all the pollen or whatever and with all the rain we’ve been having.  But, I’m beginning to think it might be something more than a slight allergy.

I just feel off it.  A bit of shortness of breath.  The congestion didn’t really go away today.  I’ve finished running and swimming, and I just feel tired.  My running today didn’t go so great.  Indeed, it WAS NOT helped by all the fiber I had this morning.  Too much.  I was extremely gassy, and I hadn’t had a bowel movement all day.  I ended up with pains in my stomach.  I was supposed to go 2mi @ Epace followed by 12mi @ Mpace and close out with 2mi @ Epace.  But, between feeling short of breath, gassing out the area around me, stopping once to take a shit and feeling sluggish, I didn’t HTFU, and I ran 2 @ E, 4 @ M, stopped for the bathroom, 5 @m, 2 @ E, and 1 @ M.  I wanted to close out with the final 2 miles at Mpace, but my stomach was continuing to be belligerent and my left leg/knee was hurting.

I fought with myself in the locker room as to how I really felt and whether or not I should get in the pool.  I got in the pool.  300mixed to warm up.  Then 500 pull, 500 free, 500 pull, and 500 free.  The problem was the same.  I just felt like I was off.  Nothing really felt solid.  My stomach was still turbulent, although it wasn’t really hindering my swimming, but my stroke never felt 100%.

I’m not going to make it onto the bike AGAIN tonight.  WHEN AM I GOING TO GET IT TOGETHER?!?!  My bike training continues to slide.  I am not getting enough time in on the trainer with intervals.   It will be almost a week before I can start again.  I’ve arrived home tonight, knowing that I still have to change out the tube and tire (I REALLY need to get a wheel specifically for training and for the Conti Home Trainer Tire!), setup, finish packing, shower, shave, and tend to other details.  So, that means there’s no time left for the bike.  I have to get to sleep since I’m getting up early.

I hope the morning brings a “turn around” that continues in that direction for some time and in every aspect.

~ by jerseyquaker on June 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Like a sine wave…”

  1. Mpace? Epace? i’m guessing these are triathlon code words? and you twitter? googly. and where does the quaker come from?


      It’s my marathon training guide. There are different paces at which it plans your runs. Epace is endurance pace. Mpace is marathon pace. Tpace is threshold pace. Ipace is interval pace. The paces are derived from race times.

      JerseyQuaker…it developed as a screen name for a forum when I started back to school. Jersey is obvious. Quaker is for UPenn…the Penn Quakers. It sounded decent, and just stuck with it.

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