Wow.  Just wow.  Severely dispirited right now.  I got absolutely humbled on the computrainer just a bit ago.  I don’t know what happened or what’s wrong.  Maybe that was a full on BONK.  Dunno.

Started off with some comm problems with the computer and computrainer, but got started once I got it sorted.  I set out to do a 3×20 with WU, CD and 5min RI.  I set my FTP, and away I went.  Got about 5-7mins in on the first interval and I’m just dragging.  My turnover just kept getting lower and lower and lower.  I eventually came to a stop.  The computer ran out of battery power, and then I switched to just adjusting the watts manually.

Went another 5-6mins, and then I dropped down to my 165W recovery level.  5mins went in a flash.  Manually set the watts again — this time 15W lower than before.  Felt just like before.  Just dog tired.  No energy in my legs.  Huffing and puffing.  I’d stop, then go again.  Stop.  Go again.  Stop go again.  I’d stop for about 45seconds or so, and when I’d start to pedal again, I’d feel almost pretty good.  But 3-4mins later and I’m hitting a SERIOUS wall.

My bike fitness is nowhere near where I thought it might be.  I’m WAAAAAAY behind.  This is bad.  Very very bad.  8-(   I could hope that I just had an off night, because as good as I felt last night, I feel equally bad tonight.  It could also be that I have absolutely no clue what I am doing.  In which case, I can’t wait for my book “Training with Power” by Allen and Coggan to get here.


~ by jerseyquaker on June 3, 2009.

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