Life gets in the way (but it’s okay as long as it’s fun)

Back in the dirty Jerz after being down in Mars Hill, N.C. for Shooter’s bachelor party weekend.  Drove down last Friday with the Cockaroach.  We didn’t leave early enough to allow me to run that evening.  Ran Saturday morning.  Too much alcohol and food and not enough time in the morning before white water rafting on Sunday.  Left Monday morning and too slugish to run after 10.5hrs in the car upon arriving home.  Fabulous.  Fun weekend, but not great for training.

Weekend highlights.  A LOT of beer, pork, steak, eggs, vodka, rum, smores and everyone’s favorite…Maker’s Mark!  A brief encounter of Home Run Derby.  Big campfires — burned a helluvalotta wood.  An even series of horseshoes at 4-4…to be continued later.  Whitewater rafting in the rain and sun.

Stopped several times during the booze cruise rafting, and the first stop was Jump Rock on the French Broad River.  We all jumped from the rock at about the 20′ level.  Shooter, myself and our guide for the day, Matt, climbed to the highest jump off that was at least 40′.  They had started up before me, and at one point I lost sight of them.  I’m thinking, “Holy shit.  How high are we going to go?!”  The other thing I was thinking was to be absolute sure of my grip climbing up, because if I slipped, then it was going to be a nasty fall.  Then I would have ruined all of my training and IM would be over.   There wasn’t any path.  It was kind of like climbing a 5.5+ rated climb, and it was raining and I just had my Keens on my feet.

Got to the top, and it definitely looked pretty far down to the water.  Matt told us that it was a higher jump than from any of the bridges around there, and he told us about some girl who face planted into the water…grrreat!   Matt goes.  Mike and I discuss.  We’re definitely going.  Mike goes.  My only concern was the footing.  Not a chance for any kind of moving start.  One leg forward, power up and off you went.  I had my left leg forward on the rock, and it was slippery.  I had to clear an initial 3′ of sloping rock and then get some distance from the wall to land in the deep water.  It was definitely the highest I have ever jumped from, and standing there I was wondering what I was going to vocalize…if I was going to yell anything…should I focus on yelling something?…or is it just going to come naturally?  I stopped thinking about yelling, and I just went.  AAARRRGGGHHH!!!  BOOM!

Some tips when you jump into deep water.  First, squeeze your cheeks.  Water wants to force itself up your starfish.  Fortunately, this didn’t happen, but I could feel the force of the strain from it while I was  swimming away.  Second, feet first and when your feet hit the water, push them out in front of you so that you spoon into the water horizontally a bit instead of arrowing straight down.  Third, make fists with your hands.  My right palm smacked the water dead on, and it got swollen, red and stung like a mutha’!!!  Shooter is a bigger dude than me, but everyone said that it sounded like a bomb when I hit the water.  No doubt it was due in part to my palm slapping the water.  Fourth, just do it.  You go big, or you go home.  Having climbed up there and then wussin’ out would have been the more dangerous choice, because climbing down would have been treacherous given the situation.

Cockaroach and Travinski didn’t have the gumption to trek to the high jump.  I kind of wanted to do it again, but Shooter wasn’t going and the group wanted to move on.  It was a great boost of adrenaline.

Now that it’s all done, I’m back to being not-as-trim-as-I’d-like-to-be.  Hopped on the bike last night.  ~2.5hrs @ 220W.  It felt so easy.  It was a great feeling.  Ran 7-8 miles at or around my E pace soon after.  My achilles and calves were definitely telling me that I hadn’t stretched any prior to the workout.

Definitely need to run and ride the bike again today.  Rehearsal dinner on Friday and wedding on Saturday are really screwing me up.  Two weeks in a row.  I just hope that it’s going to be fun instead of a conservative snooze-fest.

~ by jerseyquaker on May 28, 2009.

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